Open the wrapped package once inside Disney's California Adventure and YOU'RE OFF!

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Who doesn't love a theme park? Sometimes, though, overly repeated visits or very long lines can lessen the overall fun...but not anymore. What if you had an adventure to complete INSIDE the park creating a WHOLE NEW experience? What if you had an adventurous task to complete in the queue line BEFORE you boarded your ride? Here you'll find a growing list of exciting adventures to be completed within your favorite US theme parks!


Giant Scavenger hunt INSIDE the
Magic Kingdom!

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Battle of the Villains - A Disneyland Scavenger Hunt Adventure

This download adventure is unlike anything you've see. After completing dozens of intriguing tasks, you'll be ready to try and defeat three separate villains INSIDE the park! Experience Disneyland like you never have before - how long will you last?!...READ MORE...


The Great Princess Pursuit

A Disney Princess is more than just what's on the outside - it's that special inner-quality beauty! With this princess adventure, your young will have fun opening envelopes, completing tasks and reading private notes from different Disney an effort to gain those INNER qualities that make a Princess truly great!

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As we work hard to categorize all of our newest content, we've felt the need to create completely new websites for the sake of content continuity. This site (Theme Park Quests) will focus entirely on adventure hunts, treasure hunts and scavenger hunts that can be completed inside your local theme park. However, please note the following sites as some of our content has been moved there as appropriate:

The Adventure Dad - Family oriented site for creating family activities that rival most video games - It's not easy as a parent to pull your child's face away from their screens. How can we hope to compete with dragons and sunken treasure? Well, here you'll find engaging 'video-game-style' games and activities that will make even your teens put away their screens long enough to create some family memories.

Adventures For Everyone - Packaged adventure hunts for family travel trips and corporate events - Our 'event' and facilitation arm of Quest Experiences. This is also a great place to order packaged adventure hunts that are delivered right to your door. Unwrap the package in your local theme park, zoo or university and you're off!

The Theme Party Hub - TONS of theme party ideas - www.themepartyhub. Although this site has literally 100's of pages of theme party ideas, we're hoping to build this site to even higher heights. The theme party ideas are organized in a way that is more accessible and fun!

The Treasure Hunt Hub - Tips and tricks for creating your own scavenger hunts and treasure hunts - Designing a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt from scratch is all about the details. Here you'll find all sorts of articles on how to design your own adventure hunt in a variety of formats. Happy designing!

Quest Experiences - Treasure hunt and theme party resources - Our oldest website, nearly two decades old, will still house our downloadable content as well as our treated paper products.

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