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Who exactly ARE we here at Theme Park Quests?

That's a great question with a 30 year answer...

In 1995, Joe Dean had a dream to launch Quest Experiences, a themed adventure treasure hunt design company. Over the past 20 years, Quest Experiences has sold over 10,000 treasure hunts of all types and formats that have been facilitated literally all over the world.

However, the pasion to launch Quest Experiences came largely from his experiences and excitement for themed amusement parks and creating adventures within them for his family and friends. Having grown up just down the street from Disneyland (and eventually working inside the park while attending college) his designs grew more and more elaborate with each new adventure hunt he created.

Fast forward 30 years, Joe now has settled in Orlando, Florida with his wife and three (now grown up) sons. Although he still designs themed hunts for a variety of venues, his favorite adventures to design are still the ones that he started with - INSIDE themed amusement parks.

This website is now a work of love for him and will host a variety of adventure hunts that can be experienced inside your favorite themed amusement parks. These adventures will provide opportunities to experience your favorite parks with a freshness and newness that is longed for from frequent park visitors. Although the Disney parks are the only ones highlighted at the moment, we're looking to release several original products for other parks, as well, including Universal Studios and Sea World. Keep visiting to see what new fun we have in store for you!

Please note: This website is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any other theme park company or there subsidiaries.



Giant Scavenger hunt INSIDE the
Magic Kingdom!

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PLEASE NOTE: This website is not associated with the Walt Disney Company and no trademarked images or characters were/are used in any of our products. Most of the stories used in the Walt Disney movies are beloved stories that fall into the public domain. The focus of our adventures is not specifically on the Disney movies as much as the adventure of enjoying your stay inside the Disney parks (and other theme parks.)