A GREAT opportunity to create a one of a kind family memory!

Heading to Cedar Point and looking for a way to make it even more fun for you, your family and friends? Look no further! Spies, the Holy Grail, ghosts and Egyptian temples await…

Watch this video for details!

The Great Adventure Challenge at Cedar Point was designed by a professional treasure hunt adventure designer and is perfect for your next visit to the park. There is NOTHING to set up! ALL the materials arrive via US postal service in a fun wrapped package (exact wrapping varies.) You’ll receive two envelopes - one small and one large. Open the small one first once you’re inside the park and YOU’RE OFF! Because you don’t have to spend countless hours creating it, YOU get to enjoy it WITH your family and friends!  

PLUS – Much of the adventure was specifically designed to be completed WHILE you’re waiting in line for different attractions to help the time pass!

Although we can’t share EXACTLY what’s inside (that would ruin it for YOU, as well, and we want YOU to enjoy the fun with your family and friends) below is all the information you’ll need to get the best idea of what it is that we have in store for you.

Topics :

What The Great Adventure Challenge at Cedar Point IS and how it works?
What The Great Adventure Challenge IS NOT
Who is the Challenge for?
About the Designer


In simplest terms, it’s an elaborate scavenger hunt mixed with a treasure hunt…on steroids. You begin with a list that contains 30 unique and creative tasks to complete during your stay at Cedar Point. Some of them you might find complex. Each completed task will earn you points and at the end of your stay, you’ll have the chance to add up your points to see how your team ranked according to our overall rankings chart. The Great Adventure Challenge List is on specially antiqued paper, in a process that has taken 20 years to perfect (see About the Designer below for more details.)


It works off a reward system - you get to open new bonus Adventure envelopes with new surprises, tasks and puzzles as you progress.

  Many of the tasks from the list, once completed, will allow you to open one of NINE BONUS ADVENTURE ENVELOPES, also included. Each envelope offers additional tasks pertaining to different Adventures…from hunting for the Abominable Snowman to solving a murder mystery at Strathan Manor…all for a lot more BONUS points! Although we don’t want to give too much away, we can say that the list and bonus envelopes will help answer the following questions: Who do I give the treasure gem to? What do I have to write in ketchup? How many envelopes do I have to open before I find Captain Calvera’s treasure? How can rolling a die get rid of Tombstone Charlie? Exactly how long can I hold ice in my hand? All these questions will be answered and more.

How long does it last? As long as you’d like. Start when you like. Stop when you like. Start, stop, then start up again, if you like. As long as you keep it all in the same visit at the park (for the sake of the ranking) you’re good!

Get more than one and go head to head in teams!


This is NOT a photo scavenger hunt. Although we encourage you to take photos along the way to remember the great fun you had, that’s not what this adventure is or requiring you to do. There are several photo scavenger hunt products out there. This adventure is unique, unlike anything you’ve ever done before – truly an original design.

This is also not a ‘standard treasure hunt.’ By this we mean that this is NOT a linear activity. There is no particular starting and ending location. YOU get to choose where to go, what tasks to complete and in what order. This flexibility was intentionally built into the design so that you can have the PERFECT day based on what you are looking to get out of it!

PLEASE NOTE: The Great Adventure Challenge is the SAME challenge for each theme park we offer the challenge for. Of course, changes have been made that are park specific, the activities and tasks are all similar or identical. Looking for another, different adventure? Come back soon when we reveal our new park adventure, The Great Time Machine Challenge!


Anyone. And we do mean anyone. Grandparents and grandchildren will all be able to participate and contribute in the different tasks together. Small children can help look for clues and open envelopes. Teens will have fun during some of the more daring challenges. Mature adults will enjoy it all!

The Great Adventure Challenge is also great for those that have been to Cedar Point several times and are looking for some freshness to help their next visit feel new!


My name is Joe Dean and I’ve been professionally designing large scale and elaborate treasure hunt adventures for nearly 30 years involving actors and stage sets in an effort to recreate different periods of history and fantasy - often combined. I’ve entertained clients in both the private and corporate sectors with clients such as Sams Club and the Orange County Department of Mental Health (annual fundraiser.)

As part of my adventure hunt design company, I've had another labor of love...antiquing paper. I've made literally 1,000's of maps and clues over the years and developing a paper aging process became crucial (and something that I grew to love.) It's a four step process that ages your Great Adventure List into something everyone will fight over to hold and carry!