Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Tarzan's Treehouse At Disneyland


Tarzan's Treehouse perfectly and beautifully frames the landscape as guests enter Disneyland's Adventureland. One can climb deep into its branches as the story of Tarzan slowly unfolds while reading Jane's writings in each of the story vignettes placed throughout the tree. But, did you know…

The tree was originally built for a different attraction - The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse which originally opened to park guests to park guests in 1962. In 1999 Disney Imagineers added the additional entryway to the right and attaching bridge that hovers overheard, leading to the treehouse to the left in hopes that the additional construction would not only frame the land better, but would also hide the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction better.

Park guests searching about the base-camp area of the attraction will spot some recognizable Beauty and the Beast ceramic props.

As an homage to the original attraction, the Swiss Family Robinson novel can be found sitting on a table. Can you find it?

Some of the old hand painted signs still sit on the wall and some of the old furnishings survived the remodel to Tarzan's Treehouse.

Probably one of the most memorable pieces of music in the park was the old Swisspolka music played in the original Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. The folks at Disney chose to keep this music in the attraction by playing it on a record player towards the end of the attraction.