Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Indiana Jones - Temple of the Forbidden Eye Attraction at Disneyland


They say that if adventure has a name, it would be Indiana Jones and anyone who has ever gone on the Indiana Jones attraction at Disneyland would likely agree. It's an amazingly unique ride and a must-go-on for any Indiana Jones fan. But, did you know…

The Enhanced Motion Vehicle (EMV) ride system was developed specifically and originally for this attraction, contributing to the high overall cost of $100,000,000 for the attraction…the most expensive attraction to date (at the time of it's construction.) By comparison, that's SIX times the total cost to construct the entire Disneyland park in 1955!)

The three and a half minute journey covers 2500 feet of track, travels at 13MPH and provides enough random events to account for over 160,000 overall experience combinations

The queue area is a quarter mile long, the longest queue area in Disney history, and is covered with 'Maraglyphics', the ancient writing on the walls of the attraction. Maraglyphics were designed by Chuck Ballew and originally Disneyland cast members stood outside the entrance to the temple queue area passing out decoder cards so that the writings could be translated while guests stood in line. Although they no longer pass out these decoder cards, they can still be picked up at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, situated just across from the Indiana Jones attraction.

An original concept for the ride was that of more of a roller coaster mine cart ride, similar to the thrilling chase scene in the second Indiana Jones installment, Temple of Doom.

In the queue area park guests can see actual movie props from the Indiana Jones movies. Several can be found in the office area. The most significant one, though, is the large truck near the entrance. It was the actual truck used in Raiders of the Lost Ark (the one Indy falls off of and is then dragged underneath!)